Saturday, 17 December 2011

#Block trackers and protect privacy: Sheepish

Found a good Chrome extention which helps protect your privacy. Many advertising sites track our web browsing to gain info on our interests to present relevent ads. It's really annoying when i realize i am being watched by some code where ever i go.
Sheepish is an amazing extention which actually shows you the trackers and gives you the freedom to block them.
Quoted from the extension description:
We detect "invisible" trackers placed on web page and provide transparency into all the companies interested in your activity.
Our tool is used for users that care about their online privacy
We NEVER use any of your data and we never will.

This is what Life Hacker has to say about this extension.
Initially, Sheepish doesn't seem like much, but once you start moving around to new websites and seeing how many different places are tracking your every click, it might be a bit of a surprise. You can set Sheepish to block the tracking once your list gets populated or just let the ads continue to do their thing. Not everything that tracks you is always bad, sometimes its as simple as Google Analytics, but if you want a more covert and private browsing experience, Sheepish is worth checking out.

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